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ASTROLOGY Forecast: This horoscope is for the week of March 31 to April 6, 2019. To learn the current weeks’ forecast, scroll right down to RECENT POSTS within the menu to the appropriate and click on on March 24 – 30th.

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START NOTHING: eight:02 pm Solar. to 7:48 am Mon., eight:36 am to 7:56 pm Wed., and seven:15 pm Fri. to six:06 am Sat.


I promised I’d attempt to see the “new system” that I feel will rework U.S. political construction. I’ve put this after Pisces’ forecast, within the AFTERAMBLE.
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America is the best menace to democracy on the planet at present. That’s as a result of it’s the best democracy.
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ARIES:  March 21-April 19

You’re in cost this week and the subsequent two, Aries. Begin ventures, make new contacts, paved the way. You face a brilliant new life, so burst via flimsy limitations meant solely to check you. Your dealings with gov’t, establishments and advisors yield lucky outcomes now to April 20. (Issues left hanging from the previous, and secrets and techniques, fill this space till mid-April.)

Your present of gab, and your stressed urge to journey, propel you all April and half of Might. Good time to get your message out, and/or fulfill your curiosity about one thing.

Sunday can deliver a want true! Be completely satisfied, social, flirty — you’re fashionable! However take a relaxation from all of the enjoyable Mon. daybreak to Wed. suppertime. Relaxation, ponder, plan. Cope with hidden allies, civil servants, admin. staff. Friction Monday morn. Disagreement (or an sudden stroke of luck) Wed. morn. In any other case, all’s good.

Your power and allure surge again Wed. eve to Sat. daybreak — cost forward, lead others, name in favours, begin main tasks. However acknowledge that folks above you on the profession ladder aren’t “straightforward sells” — they’re sceptical, prepared to train energy “darkly” — i.e., out of view. This may come up Fri. daytime, however is preceded and adopted by success. Pursue cash, have a brief sensual fling, or search bargains, early Sat. onward.

taurus weekly forecast TAURUS:  April 20-Might 20

The three weeks forward emphasize relaxation, weariness, contemplation and dealings with “background” individuals — i.e., civil servants, advisors, brokers, institutional staff, therapists, and so forth. So with out feeling responsible, let your self sink down into deep relaxation. Not that you simply’ll get tons of it, for pals and others gained’t depart you alone — within the nicest methods.

A superb few weeks to speak about your future with supportive allies. Cash will roll towards you now to mid-Might, however you’ll have a unconscious urge to eliminate it — watch spending, payments! (And taxes.) You’ll determine (in Might, in all probability) between “speedy cash” and long-term “investments.”

Sunday’s for status, standing and profession considerations — all goes nicely, so march forward! A want might come true (truly, two — or 4 — small ones) Monday morning to Wed. eve. A little bit of $ friction early Mon., and a “refusal to merge” Wed. morning — however in any other case, all the things soothes and uplifts you — together with buddies.

Retreat, relaxation, ponder and plan Wed. eve to daybreak Sat. However don’t ponder the justice or rightness of issues, otherwise you’ll spark resentment in your personal coronary heart (and for no purpose). This “hazard” principally exists Fri. daytime. Can even manifest as authorized, ritual, worldwide, media or instructional obstacles. However it ends properly, even very fortunately.

Your power and charisma bounce again Sat., even shocking others. Be a pacesetter, march forth — outline the objective/drawback, and deal with it. You’re favoured, for fulfillment and for emotions, love.

GEMINI:  Might 21-June 20

The three weeks forward enhance your temper, Gemini. Happiness, a sense of accomplishment (from current efforts), reputation, social delights, optimism and leisure — these  strike the tone for many days. A quite main want may come true, might concern relocation, public appearances, a negotiation or contract, fame, and/or love or sensible partnership.

You’re extra outgoing, now to Might, than you could have been for no less than 2 years. Your willpower, braveness and sexual magnetism roar like a race automotive, now to mid-Might. A lot of speak, conferences and calls swirl round your ambitions and worldly standing, this week and subsequent. Current snags and mis-starts can now be corrected on this zone.

Sunday’s for contemplation, nice concepts and ponderous thought, far journey, schooling, media, statistics — and love. Write, converse to liked one. Your profession and worldly standing are in focus Mon. morning to suppertime Wed. You may be slightly too aggressive in your personal success Mon. morn, and a “co-operator” may abandon your marketing campaign Wed.; however all succeeds between these two book-ends, so cost forward.

Happiness visits Wed. eve to Sat. daybreak — a want might come true, pals welcome you, you may be a part of a brand new membership or “society” — and can be welcomed in case you do. Flirtations and enjoyable fill your coronary heart; individuals discover how your eyes twinkle. Take care Fri. daytime when intercourse, funds, medical elements or secrets and techniques defy you: keep away from them.

This part ends nicely (Fri. suppertime PDT) when love, settlement, or different blessings reassure you. Somebody may even say, “marry me.” Head for quietude, relaxation Saturday. All’s nicely!

CANCER:  June 21-July 22

Be formidable and hard-working for the subsequent three weeks, Most cancers. You may be examined, however you’ll survive. Speak to higher-ups, clarify to authorities, begin vital tasks — be seen, not withdrawn. Now to mid-Might, yow will discover fertile profession fields/actions await you in head workplace, administrative, institutional, medical, warehousing/logistics or authorities areas. (Throughout the identical 6 weeks, keep away from belligerent individuals, darkish alleys and all harmful locations. Most cancers athletes will are likely to win.)

Your mental aspect floats on a stream of goodness, right concepts, and broad, compassionate views, till mid-April. A great time for worldwide affairs/journey, regulation, media, greater schooling, cultural/social rituals — and delicate love— particularly Monday morning to Wed. suppertime (PDT). (Cautious Mon. morn, when a “secret enemy” disagrees, and Wed. morn, when work calls for may intrude.)

Earlier, intercourse, secrets and techniques, funds, instinct and deep aspirations fill Sunday — chase ‘em, all’s nicely. Monday-Wed. is described above. This month’s entire level arises Wed. night time to Sat. daybreak — ambition, profession, striving to get forward. These few days will finish nicely, maybe even with a promotion (or doorway thereto) however work alone. Co-operation is elusive, even flatly refused, esp. Fri. Saturday’s for enjoyable, pals, social joys — and celebration!

Leo icon, Luck Forecast LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

This week brings up or focuses on the primary themes of April — intellectualism, journey, mysteries/secrets and techniques and “deep actions.” The three weeks forward favour far journey, greater schooling, mental pursuits, worldwide affairs, regulation, statistics, cultural and social rites, fame —and love. Your needs about these areas will have a tendency to return true for six weeks — into mid-Might. (You’ll additionally really feel hopeful about them. And the variety of your mates will improve, similar 6 weeks.)

All these — far journey to like to increasing reputation — will probably be emphasised this Wednesday eve to Saturday daybreak (PDT). One warning: work duties, or co-workers, or residence calls for, may impede your pursuit of those “greater issues” (far journey, and so on.) particularly Friday daytime.

Earlier, the darker depths of life — secrets and techniques, medical puzzles, lust (for intercourse or energy) and funds — come up Monday daybreak to suppertime Wed., and can have an effect on you somewhat favourably till mid-April. Chase after these, however DON’T allow them to intrude with romance or your social/love hopes (early Mon. and morning Wed.).

Even earlier, Sunday emphasizes relationships and thrilling conferences. You’ll achieve wooing somebody, for love or enterprise. On the different finish of the week, the final day, Saturday, boosts your neighbourhood picture, your profession and standing.

VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The three weeks forward emphasize secrets and techniques, mysteries, analysis and detective work, giant funds, investments, debt, sexual wishes, medical exigencies, and heightened instinct. Go together with the small, virtually unvoiced nudge inside; if logic disagrees, look at the logic for flaws.

Now to mid-Might this entire space of secrets and techniques, and so forth. can have a marked impact in your profession, public standing, and standing. (E.g.: analysis might increase your profession “worth” — verboten intercourse might hurt your public popularity — or good intercourse might change your marital standing.)

This area of exercise is emphasised Wed. eve to Sat. daybreak (PDT) — one main glitch, which exhibits Friday: romance, artistic ventures, might be “got rid of course” by all these deep actions/lusts.

Earlier, Sunday holds chores, simply completed. Eat, gown sensibly. Monday morning to Wed. suppertime deliver relationships, alternatives, relocation themes, negotiations, agreements — and disagreements, challenges, even enemies. However that final will solely present Mon. morn or, much less so, Wed. morn.

In any other case, cost forward — candy love, inspiration bless you, and also you lastly perceive somebody’s “nature,” or why there have been these relationship delays final month. Late week is described above (intercourse, lust, analysis, and so forth.). Saturday brings knowledge, calm, love, and maybe a brand new mental venture.

For six weeks, be amenable, affected person on the profession entrance — bosses are impatient, temperamental (however they’ll forgive quick, too).

LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The three weeks forward concentrate on relationships — open, trustworthy points of interest that may result in love or enterprise “partnerships,” to alternatives, to public dealings (even fame), to relocation, and even, in case you aren’t diplomatic, to enmity, problem and non-co-operation. Be prepared to hitch or increase one other’s plan or want. Understand others have the facility, maintain the aces, till late April.

DO NOT start or enter a lawsuit now to mid-Might. (Similar interval, somebody, maybe a Gemini or Aries, may hotly pursue you. This might result in mating, even to a very good mating.) Your work place might be chatty and nice till mid-April. A co-worker affair may lure you. For those who’re single, a current bonding may now result in discussions of marriage.

Sunday’s for love, magnificence, pleasure, charming youngsters, sports activities/video games and danger. All’s nicely, so take pleasure in. Love somebody! Deal with chores Monday morning to suppertime Wed. (PDT). Sidestep any brewing controversy or friction Mon. morn, and hold your ideas to your self Wed. morn — in any other case, cost forth throughout this interval.  You’ll get so much executed, and can “right” some errors of March. Eat, gown sensibly.

This month’s most important theme — relationships —arises powerfully Wed. eve to daybreak Sat. This interval begins properly and ends properly, even fortunately. However beware the impediment (principally Friday) of household, property, or the place you reside – which may by some means intrude with, even make inconceivable – a wished-for partnership/love.

Saturday brings secrets and techniques, lust, instinct, main funds, medical and way of life selections/actions. It’s a grand day, so do make investments, roll within the hay, analysis or commit — penalties shall be delicate, good.

SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Three extra weeks of labor, Scorpio. May as nicely plunge in and get it finished. Your duties will curve towards analysis, funds, bodily or sexual motion (beware the latter, morally), medical or way of life issues. You may be requested to decide to a sure job position, or be given confidential info, or be requested to collude. So long as you act truthfully/ethically, you’ll do positive.

The subsequent two weeks spark an intriguing thread of romance, or ship you on a artistic streak — this can reply/clear up a few of March’s delays or puzzles. Now to mid-Might, your sexual aspect intensifies. Similar interval, don’t make investments impulsively: assume twice.

Sunday’s for house, household. All’s good, so begin a backyard or sit down for a satisfying household convention. Romance, creativity, hypothesis or the pursuit of delight draw you Monday morning to supper Wed. (PDT). Keep away from argument, don’t push Mon. morn, and don’t chase cash Wed. morn. In any other case, cost forward — somebody will really feel pleasure at your phrases, whether or not he/she accepts your advance or not.

Deal with chores and shield your well being with smart habits, Wed. eve to daybreak Sat. A brand new process may arrive. Take care with brief journey and your communications Fri. daytime — don’t purchase a automotive, pc. Saturday’s for relationships — vibrant, fascinating ones!

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Romance, pleasure, magnificence, charming youngsters, taking a danger, sports activities/video games — these bless you for 3 weeks forward — and will result in massive issues: alternatives, a cherished relocation, marriage or a enterprise tie. For six weeks, to mid-Might, relationships will develop intense. Make love, not warfare! If single, you may meet your future mate.

Now to mid-April, many home or actual property questions (remaining from March) can be answered or solved. Your property life will shine with affection and “the great thing about flowers.”

Sunday’s for errands, visits, calls, paperwork. Be curious, ask questions or “learn” the media. All’s nicely. Your property, household, backyard, safety and (if relevant) gross sales territory are emphasised Mon. morning to Wed. suppertime (PDT). Don’t argue Mon. morn, and work alone Wed. morn — in any other case, this can be a nice and productive interval. Flower plantings, landscaping or a water backyard challenge, would succeed.

The sweetness and romance, danger and winnings talked about within the first sentence above, come roaring in Wed. eve to daybreak Sat. Principally good, and ends superbly (or at the least with satisfaction) Fri. night time. However watch out with cash, possessiveness, or the discharge of embarrassing info Fri. daytime — these might ship romance away. Saturday’s for work — dive in, you’ll get quite a bit completed this weekend.

CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The few weeks forward emphasize your home, property, safety and dietary considerations, Cap. It’s a time to calm down, “hibernate” to revive your power. A time to prune atrophied relationships/tasks, and to seed new ones.

These can be heightened Wed. eve to daybreak Sat. (PDT) when a brand new backyard, rental, safety or comparable challenge may start. Nice time to construct or set up a “retreat” — a gazebo, backyard nook, no matter.

The 2 weeks forward convey solutions and outcomes from messages and queries, now that March’s delays have ended. You’ll be happy by these solutions. They could include (good) information about your profession or worldly standing. This zone is in focus Mon. morning to suppertime Wed. (PDT). A brand new mail or communications, journey challenge may begin. Be cautious Mon. morn, when an argument might, at its worst, trigger the top of a job/employment. Don’t search gov’t assist Wed. morn.

Earlier, Sunday’s for pursuing cash and buying — all works out properly, so go forward. At week’s finish, Saturday (April 6) shunts you into love, magnificence, pleasure — a wee profitable streak. Regardless of the emphasis on relaxation and recuperation, the 6 weeks now to mid-Might deliver intense work calls for. You may give up a job, however provided that different dissatisfying elements have constructed up over previous months.

AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The three weeks forward aren’t terribly necessary. They centre on errands, communications, paperwork, journeys and visits. Be curious, ask questions, discover new scenes. Should you’re single, both these communications and journeys will spark a brand new romance, or a romance will abruptly fill with journeys and calls, texts, and so forth. This romantic streak lasts to mid-Might. (In the event you’re hooked up, substitute “romance” with love of youngsters, artistic and speculative urges.)

Multiple $ challenge was delayed or mis-started in March. Now to mid-April, you possibly can “catch these up,” clear up former delays and indecisions, or discover solutions to your cash questions.

Sunday is yours — do what you need, begin issues, make contacts. You’re energetic, engaging, and in cost! Pursue cash, purchase/promote, domesticate shoppers, search pay for work, or hunt for bargains, Mon. morn to suppertime Wed. (PDT). This era may additionally convey a sensual attraction.

Take care Mon. morn — sidestep a confrontation — and Wed. morn, when wishful considering will yield nothing, or worse. In-between, all works properly. You would begin an excellent new earnings undertaking.

This month’s essential focus: errands, contacts, communications and journey, are highlighted Wed. night time to Sat. daybreak. This interval begins and ends nicely, may even convey a want true (Fri. night time); however take care Fri. daytime, when individuals who don’t want you properly might talk the improper factor, or when your phrases (or driving) might spark opposition from gov’t, even from the cosmos (e.g., accident).

Be residence or putter across the ‘hood Saturday — you’ll be at peace, will breathe well being and satisfaction.

PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

Pursue cash for the subsequent three weeks, Pisces: purchase/promote, search bargains, domesticate shoppers, ask for a pay increase, maintain a storage sale, and so forth. Your current (March) indecision ends now. You are feeling full, free, and able to go. These cash efforts will probably be joined by good luck late April onward.

Just one main fly in the entire soup: friction at house. If there’s trigger, it is going to erupt. This affect lasts 6 weeks, till mid-Might. Throughout this time, be mild with youngsters. Similar interval, you can spend on leases or actual property, purchase furnishings or backyard stuff — or you’ll be able to efficiently promote the identical or earn money landscaping, portray homes, and so on.

Lie low, relaxation and ponder Sunday — all’s properly. Good time to analysis gov’t or “head workplace” assist in your undertaking(s). Your power and charisma surge upward Mon. morn to suppertime Wed. Once more, be affected person on the house entrance Mon. morn (no mood!). You’re the chief, so see and be seen, make new contacts, begin vital ventures. Affection, speak, exercise and new inspirations crowd this interval! A profession increase potential Wed. morn.

Learn the primary sentence, above, for a clue to the Wed. eve to Sat. daybreak interval — chase $. A sensual attraction might come up, and be simply fulfilled. However take care Fri. daytime — a want in all probability gained’t come true, and pals distract or mislead you. Don’t attempt to “battle metropolis corridor.”

Friday eve/night time, although, might assist your profession or social standing. Saturday’s for errands, visits, fast journeys, calls, texts, paperwork. All’s nicely, clean, so simply march forward.



I promised I’d attempt to see the “new system” that I feel will rework U.S. political construction.

The “central” pivot or flex level of this variation might be February 2022.

The chart (20 Feb. 2022, 11:23:32 am PST**) signifies problem with regulation, greater studying, and worldwide relations, however a simple, clean path in communications, transit, and gadgetry. Profound thought declines, chatter (social media) rises. Plenty of rebellious or impressed or zealous chatter. Ladies maintain the reins of energy. Lovers are celebrated, and enormous crowds collect for idealistic concepts/beliefs. The paperwork grows atrophied, lazy. There’s a bullying aspect. Cheerful, expansive leaders. But there appears to be anger all over the place — so hope, anger and cheerfulness — and lots of errors.

Okay, so this hints on the “local weather,” however not the system. One factor: this new system strikes the united statesA. from an adversarial place on the earth (wars, policing, and so forth.) to a “world buddies” angle. Progress might be made not by settlement, conquest and alternative, however by settlement, widespread curiosity and social motives. In different phrases, seen a method, the U.S. grows up. The political system stays crowd-oriented, or democratic.

What have been technological strengths 1776-2021, turn into justice or relationship strengths. In current centuries, ladies rebelled (suffragettes, and so on.); within the few to return, ladies will uphold and strengthen partnerships. Serial and mass killers will develop uncommon.

Sorry, nonetheless not a lot concept of the brand new system, besides that it’ll not be adversarial, so maybe the two-party system will atrophy. In previous centuries, grabbing land and rooting households have been our “basis” — quickly, paperwork would be the foundation, centre, reservoir of energy, of our “foundations.”

(**This time is open to nice doubt; even the precise date is doubtful, for the U.S. delivery chart is considerably unreliable.)
***   ***

In fact Google is crooked. Do this easy experiment: sort “Trump information” into the search bar, and the outcomes will provide you with 5 or 6 information websites, all crammed with anti-Trump fodder. Now sort in “Trump fox information” and Google offers you the Fox websites, crammed with each anti-Trump and pro-Trump fodder. Two totally different worlds. Now, shut down your pc. Now attempt once more: and once more: and once more: each time you sort in “Trump information” you’ll get the identical intensely anti-trump websites: CNN, MSNBC, and so forth. Each time, reject these and sort: “Trump fox” and “trump information fox” will seem.

Regardless of Google’s well-known means and operational protocol to view your earlier searches, and convey new search outcomes that comply with the identical “path” once you search once more, Google refuses to do that with politics. As an alternative, it shuts the window to right-wing or Republican information/views, and as an alternative holds an open door to all left-wing or Democratic information/views.

I’ve typed in “Trump fox” for over three months now, and to date Google has “banned” fox information from the choices. It STILL won’t convey up Fox information, regardless of my repeated clicks on their URL. It continues to convey up “Trump information CNN” and “trump information MSNBC” and easily, “Trump information,” Trump information at this time,” “Trump newest,” and so on. — all virulently anti-Trump websites.

In fact Google is crooked, and dealing to brainwash the citizenry by controlling what they see, learn and expertise. Why is there even a query?