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This forecast is for February 17 to 23, 2019. To learn this week’s horoscope go to the sidebar on the suitable, scroll right down to ‘Current Posts’ and click on on February 10 to 16.

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START NOTHING: 6:17 am to 7:21 am Solar., 5:51 am to six:47 am Tues., 5:51 pm Wed. to six:17 am Thurs., and seven:10 am to 7:56 am Sat.


The planet Venus enters two “conjunctions” this week (Mon. and Fri.). Each trace at both destined love/attraction, or the top of a love — or each. This notably impacts CANCER, TAURUS and VIRGO. To a smaller diploma, PISCES and VIRGO.
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We should always all begin to wrap up tasks now, particularly communications, paperwork or journey tasks, as March 5 (technically) begins three weeks of delay, confusion, fallacious decisions and false begins. Begin nothing massive! A serious change faces many; this could throw you into confusion all March… let this month move earlier than you attempt to firmly set any path for your self.
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  ARIES:  March 21-April 19

Retreat from the bustle and hustle, Aries. The 4 weeks forward nudge you to relaxation, recharge your bodily and psychological batteries for the large motion to return late March onward. Your religious, intuitive aspect has been rising for years (since 2012) and can continue to grow, enriching you, till 2025. The month forward marks one in every of these “religious developments,” however you may puzzle over the distinction between your instinct and your concepts or faith.

Be charitable, cope with establishments, admin. workplaces, civil servants, brokers and advisors. Greater-ups favour you all Feb. You is perhaps invited into closed-door conferences. Your instincts, your objectives concentrate on cash — spend little, save will increase, for six weeks.

Sunday’s onerous, uncomfortable, however because the day matures you settle for life and lay again. Love appears like a secure solution to stay. Monday, you’re getting into a big cave of relaxation and quietude, however you play within the daylight on the entrance. Romance may be magical. Tuesday sends you again to earth — to work. You’ll do superb. Work Wed. too; double-check instructions, details, this morning.

Relationships draw you and refuse you Thurs. and Fri. When you’re single, think about the likelihood that an affair (or partnership, enterprise or love) is ending to free you for one thing extra “destined”. Saturday, secrets and techniques come simply. Dig deep, reject floor appearances. Not a nasty day to take a position. Somebody attractive enters (your ideas).

taurus weekly forecast  TAURUS:  April 20-Might 20

You’re in a yr (2019) during which your biggest luck will happen in intimate, monetary, analysis areas, and in working with different peoples’ belongings. However the month forward does two issues:

1) it expands your social contacts, provides you a splendid shot of optimism, boosts your reputation, and will convey one or two needs true; and

2) all these (social enlargement, et al) will subtly struggle towards or undercut all these deeper, intimate, monetary and analysis considerations.

You may need to  select between the social and the hidden, between flirtation and frank lust. Do you go for current happiness or for deep progress? General, I’d decide deep progress. Nonetheless, have enjoyable — you’ll be glad! Somebody already appears to be candy on you. Your sexual magnetism flares till the top of March. Watch out — keep away from extra-marital (and different) temptations. Keep away from (till Might 2020) regulation fits.

Sunday begins with stress or “an excessive amount of power”, however ranges off later to clean, pleasant, sturdy home affection. Monday could be very home, and fortunate — purchase actual property, restore or renovate/ embellish, hug the youngsters and/or mother and father (name one if he/she’s distant), backyard, hike, and so on. Be restful, assume deeply, particularly abut the longer term.

Tuesday and Wednesday ring the romance bell, and favour artistic, risk-taking and pleasure-seeking actions. Each days are lucky, however Wed. brings up that battle between your personal/hidden/energy objectives, and your social/romantic aspect. Thursday and Friday convey chores, minor well being irritations, obstacles and refusals… however a whisper of future in love (or relating to relocation). Saturday brings relationships and alternatives — your luck’s excessive, so don’t scale back it by being too assertive. Somebody may go gaga over your magnetism.

  GEMINI:  Might 21-June 20

This week and the subsequent three focus in your ambitions, profession, status relations, worldly standing, and dealings with authorities. Eight years in the past you started to slowly type a brand new profession “flavour”. Maybe even a brand new course, even a brand new, totally different profession. Assist this evolvement in the course of the weeks forward: search new methods of doing issues, attempt a special angle/strategy, and so forth.  A partner, lover or enterprise affiliate may need you to stay to the identical previous method — assert your independence, depend on our personal insights/selections — for now.

Bosses, mother and father, your personal youngsters, proceed to speak lots. Your luck stays mildly excessive in intercourse, investments and analysis till Feb.’s finish. Now to the top of March, keep away from darkish alleys and biker golf equipment, belligerent individuals. You’ll develop optimistic and pleasant till late March, with civil servants, brokers and advisors.

Sunday and Monday (even into pre-dawn Tues.) convey informal buddies, paperwork, communications, journey and errands. Sunday’s troublesome, disruptive, argumentative early, then smooths out into a really fortunate Mon. for relationships — talk, suggest, search somebody’s permission or co-operation. An essential profession inspiration or message Mon. Cost forward!

Bend your coronary heart and ideas towards residence Tuesday/Wednesday. Hug the youngsters, begin home tasks. All’s nicely. The candy drink of magnificence and love faces you Thurs./Fri. — however virtually everybody and every thing will get in your approach, tries to journey you up. Not one of the best time for a date! Nevertheless, you may glimpse the footsteps of future in a sexual or monetary affair. Deal with chores Saturday. Apply security round sharp instruments. All’s productive!

  CANCER:  June 21-July 22

A sensible, mellow temper steals over you for the few weeks forward. You’ll be greater than often targeted on far journey, greater schooling, publishing/media, profound thought, regulation, import-export, cultural venues, and such — and on love. These relatively idealistic leanings can battle together with your most important luck, which centres in work, well being and earnings all 2019. E.g., the boss needs you to work the identical weeks you’d reserved for a cruise.

Relationships stay candy, gracious with everybody to March 1. Others need to speak, talk about. This will deliver love, too. Till March 30, you’ll be optimistic about your profession — maybe with good cause. A good friend may offer you a invaluable profession perception or opening.

Sunday’s tough early, however smooths out later to supply splendid luck in cash, earnings, purchases — and sensual love. This luck lasts by means of Monday to Tuesday’s daybreak. For instance, for those who ask for a pay increase Monday, you simply may get it, or will put your self in line for a later increase. Informal associates, errands, journeys and communications fill Tues./Wed. Two nice days that would fill with love’s interactions, or take you to fascinating locations. Don’t skip work Wed.

Steer towards house and youngsters Thurs./Fri. These two days reveal what’s mistaken, or been uncared for within the residence/household. A whisper, a touch, of affection’s future, or of marital bonds. Saturday’s for attraction, ardour, portray, artwork, pleasure. Depart arguments apart, they’re not essential.

Leo icon, Luck Forecast  LEO:  July 23-Aug. 22

Intercourse, medicine and rock’n’roll. (I’ve all the time needed to write down that.)  Secrets and techniques and energy struggles and investments or money owed, sexual wishes and commitments, medical requirements. analysis and detective work, way of life selections and their penalties. These fill the 4 weeks forward. You’ll study vital secrets and techniques the remainder of February.

Work mates will stay gracious, pleasant, similar interval. However bosses and authorities might be snarly, impatient now to March 30 — be diplomatic, maintain your sense of humour. Keep in mind, if single, 2019 is a yr of main romance… however this may “battle” the pursuits listed above: secrets and techniques, funds, lust, drugs, and so on. You may want to decide on between a really sexual attraction and a romantic one. Select romance, even when it “hides briefly”.

You’re weary Sunday morning, however this wears off and your power picks up, even surges, the remainder of Solar. proper into daybreak Tues. Your luck could be very excessive. Cost forward, go after what/who you need. (Monday pm exhibits the trail or object to pursue.) Lead, be the star! Chase cash Tues./Wed. — all’s lucky, so cost forward. Not the perfect time to gamble, although. You’ll find bargains in instruments, equipment, and “complicated” software program.

Thursday and Friday convey errands, paperwork, journeys and communications — and good luck is tough to seek out. Simply grind by way of what it’s a must to get accomplished. Not a superb interval for essential messages if you need a beneficial response. Sink into house, household, the ‘hood, Saturday — you’ll be able to successfully begin landscaping, restore, reno or ornament tasks. Don’t argue with a mother or father, cop or boss.

  VIRGO:  Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Relationships of each type fill the 4 weeks forward. Your outlook is shiny. The very one you need to speak to, needs to speak additionally. Romantic approaches win you affectionate responses. In sexual phrases, you could be with (now to March’s finish) somebody who mixes – or causes you to combine – intercourse and idealism, mild love and secrecy. It seems like nothing, however has a deep implication or end result. It’d imply a (“purely”) sexual companion can also be a marriage or life-mate prospect. It might make you face the dilemma of intercourse versus love.

Now via March, keep away from lawsuits. (They might be brokers of merciless change.) Keep in mind, your major luck in 2019 hovers round house, household, actual property, and “pruning” — chopping out stale relationships and tasks, to make room for the recent, fertile ones.

Sunday morning buoys your hopes, but instantly blocks them. Nicely, retreat today to pre-dawn Tues. You’ll be drained, and marvel why no one smiles at you. However good luck fills your interactions with brokers, psychic, nurses, counsellors, civil servants and care-givers. Ask — you’ll obtain. You’ll perceive somebody, deeply. You may discover a gov’t program to assist your property or mortgage search.

Your power and appeal surge upward Tues./Wed. — and your luck is excessive — lead, begin ventures (or not, see Preamble above). Monday through Wed., love is main. Keep in mind your nice luck this yr lies in actual property — purchase or record Tues./Wed., although there might be many different possibilities. Pursue cash, rely your possessions,

Thurs./Fri. Obstacles, snags and irritations are all over the place, so step cautiously. Saturday’s for errands, informal buddies, journey, paperwork and communications — all blessed! Lust performs a task, this eve.

  LIBRA:  Sept. 23-Oct. 22

To work, Libra — 4 weeks of it. Numerous journey or communications right here, however by March 5 these, and associates, stall. Deal with your well being, similar interval. This could be a good time to restore or purchase equipment and instruments. However be cautious if the equipment includes journey or communications — e.g., no automobiles, telephony techniques, I-Telephones, and so on. Your property, which has given you issues for years, grants you magnificence or peace all February.

A current romantic or marital bond now turns to deep intimacy, maybe speak of sharing funds, a mortgage, and so forth — all this for six weeks, to late March. However in one other means, romantic points of interest transfer to sexual points of interest (and challenges) for an entire seven years forward.

Sunday’s a bit damaging early, you then slip into a cheerful, social, optimistic and flirty temper – not solely Sunday, however to pre-dawn Tuesday, with ease and luck and “regular love”. A want may come true. Retreat, relaxation, ponder and plan Tuesday/Wednesday. These two days stream easily — the one snag might happen in communications or driving, so keep away from these. A sexual involvement goes properly.

Your power and charisma surge Thurs./Fri. Be a pacesetter, name in favours, however don’t begin vital tasks (for confusion and delays come quickly). As an alternative, use this power and clout to unravel issues, esp. in house and household areas. You possibly can see the best way ahead, the answer, late Fri. Chase cash and search bargains Sat. Keep your cool Saturday eve.

  SCORPIO:  Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A month of romance, journey, self-expression and creativity begins Monday. Take dangers — you’re on a profitable streak. A dialog aids love. Communications general are mellow, affectionate. However for six weeks forward relationships will probably be very intense. You can also make allies (probably with co-workers) or you possibly can spark enmity. Be diplomatic. This depth is an “introduction” to the seven years forward, throughout which hyperlinks will probably be unpredictable… although fascinating.

Sunday begins with a growl or shock (truly, with precisely what I meant above about “six weeks” and “seven years”). However the remainder of Solar., and all Monday, supply excellent luck in profession and earnings. (Earnings higher — supply to work more durable or longer.) Tuesday/Wednesday are for happiness, socializing, optimism, and planning the longer term with a committee or group. Not every part goes properly, however most does. You’ll be glad!

Withdraw Thurs./Fri. — relaxation, ponder, plan, and — if you must — interface with civil servant, administration, brokers. Many obstacles, niggling frustrations bedevil your path. Saturday’s a complete about-face: your power surges, individuals pay attention. Begin issues, however not massive issues, as a interval of delay and confusion begins quickly (March 5). Once more, a feisty relationship. (Maybe with somebody whose sexuality glows.)

  SAGITTARIUS:  Nov. 22-Dec. 21

A month of relaxation, domesticity and foundations begin Monday. Work can be intense and demanding for six weeks, so durations of deep, uninterrupted relaxation are wanted. This depth can be joined, by early March, with many calls for that you simply journey, go to, talk and deal with  flurries of unpredictable paperwork — for seven years.

On the plus aspect, work/co-workers might be pleasant, fascinating, and all these demanding chores can be straightforward. You possibly can make a co-worker good friend — for all times. (No rush — it might take years to reach.) Till February’s finish: your cash, earnings stay mildly fortunate . Plenty of speak round, concerning the household, house, property.

Sunday morning’s disruptive, argumentative or accident-prone. This afternoon, to pre-dawn Tues., promotes mild love, understanding, a world view, mental,  media, authorized and cultural quests. Writers might be notified about publishing.

Be formidable Tues./Wed. — circumstances assist you to climb the company ladder, might introduce you to an essential/prestigious  individual. A superb time to attract a line or map, and say: “that is my territory”. When you cope with leases, premises at work, higher-ups shall be impressed.

Thursday/Friday deliver pleasure and wishful considering — and that’s about all will probably be — wishful, as a result of so many obstacles come up. Simply be pleasant, cheerful, and let issues circulate off your again like water off a duck. Withdraw Saturday: search peace, solitude — don’t rise to anybody’s bait.

  CAPRICORN:  Dec. 22 to Jan. 19

it’s a simple week and month forward, Cap, however not a deeply essential one. Do paperwork, reply calls, go to, do mild analysis, and be obtainable to those that speak. (They could have good concepts.) One factor is slightly essential: a romantic curiosity may develop massively intense for the six weeks forward, and this “scorching” depth will probably be joined by a “chilly depth” in early March. Sounds terrible, however this chilly/cool depth 1) will final 7 years; and a couple of) is a mild, sort, by no means boring type of depth. Romance will shortly result in sensual clinches, now to 2026. You stay engaging, formidable, the remainder of February.

Sunday morning may spark an argument. However the remainder of Sunday, and Monday into pre-dawn Tuesday, immerses you in secrets and techniques, depths, medical calls for, and intercourse and funds (investing, money owed, and so forth.). Luck accompanies you, so do make investments, see a physician, dally together with your lover, and so on.

A mellow, understanding temper comes over you Tues./Wed. — you’ll shine/succeed at college, in cultural venues, regulation, mental and publishing pursuits. You may awaken to like! Thursday/Friday deliver ambition and dealings with higher-ups. Be cautious, discreet — if the tide goes towards you, anticipate a greater time. A (romantic?) telephone name or textual content is “future’s finger”. Saturday’s for associates and happiness — get out and seize some.

  AQUARIUS:  Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Pursue $ for the month forward. (Begins Feb. 18.) For six weeks forward, your own home life is perhaps voluble with argument, or loud with renovations. (DON’T begin them now — in truth, not this yr, in case you can keep away from them). Or, your house may profit out of your willpower to get organized, dig that backyard, make these repairs. Good, simply keep away from huge tasks.

This flurry of house, property, home depth is in some ways, solely a segue to a 7-year development that may start early March. This development will nudge you to “home fascination”. You’re going to turn out to be a homebody! Kids amongst you may turn into pregnant (or fathers). Plenty of speak about $ for 2 weeks forward. Similar interval, your inside world stays benevolent, affectionate.

Sunday morning’s a bit tough, however the remainder of this present day, into pre-dawn Tues., rewards virtually each effort you make to type relationships, deep or informal. Good, too, for alternatives, coping with the general public, negotiations and agreements, and relocation. Tuesday/Wednesday are for secrets and techniques, sexual temptations, analysis, medical actions, and funding/debt decisions. You’ll principally win, so march forth!

Cautious Thursday/Friday, when authorized, mental, far journey, cultural and media involvements are highlighted, however not luckily in most situations. You may obtain a cash concept which has the quiet consolation of “future”. Saturday’s for ambition — chase success, you’ll catch it. (However don’t let your loved ones, house life intrude.)

  PISCES:  Feb. 19-March 20

You’ll love the month forward, Pisces. Beginning Monday, your power, energy, magnetism, clout and timing will probably be at an annual excessive. You’ll be talkative, stressed, wanting to wander/journey. A banner month should you write for a dwelling. Nevertheless, beginning quickly (in early March) a partner, affiliate, lover or social gathering to an settlement may get chilly ft. You your self may really feel indecisive about these areas (partnership, agreements, et al). So wrap it up now, or await late March, April to bind a relationship, alternative or settlement.

Your communications and restlessness develop intense now to late March… which “introduces” a for much longer interval (7 years) of the identical. Now to 2026, your communications, telephony, journey, gross sales or comparable skills may carve out for you a safe position within the gov’t or a big, faceless company.

Sunday morning’s for love, however it doesn’t actually get an opportunity earlier than you’re hurled into the world of labor, Solar. to pre-dawn Tues. Deal with these chores — you’ll get a very good quantity completed. Take into consideration enhancing your vitamin. Tuesday/Wednesday deliver relationships — principally good ones. Seize alternatives. Somebody may say they need to marry, share lives. Just one factor: don’t argue about faith or politics.

Your internet value, investments, debt, funds, your sexual hyperlinks (or temptations) and medical or way of life selections, all or any will come up Thurs./Fri. Watch out, many issues exist. Nonetheless, you’ll really feel a sort of “future” lies in your future. If you wish to discover it, be a part of teams, be social. Saturday is sensible, mellow. (It won’t be mellow, however fractious or impulsive, simply after supper (PST).) You see the world as one entire organism. Mild love wins.



I feel God, the Biblical God, has left us — with greatest needs. I feel, as promised within the Bible, that we’ve got progressed to the purpose at which God “stated” (via a prophet) that He would withdraw. I consider this can be a vote of confidence, that we’re on our approach to… angel-hood? He’s left the surroundings, the “equipment” of divinity in place: Karma continues to be right here, and Nature, (Karma’s entwined sister) stays. However now, it’s as much as us… with, perhaps, a go to or two forward, and even the formation of one other, larger God. It’s exhausting to think about what a brand new God would appear to be, tho’ I feel my little articles a few sphere can be there someplace.

It’s straightforward to consider mankind has encountered a collection of ever-ascending Gods. The previous helps this: At current, within the late levels of the “Christian period,” we have to be on no less than our third or 4th God – having advanced from totems to a panoply of gods to monotheism to, now, the man-God. (Jesus was both the one man-God, or the primary of a line — although I doubt there might be extra Jesuses.)  (Sceptics and atheists would say this ladder of Gods merely exhibits a maturation and evolvement of our ideas of God and divinity.)

Do you see the place that is going? Along with the event of a brand new God idea, we now have the thought now of God within the flesh, of a man-God. However we are literally within the final stage (1983-2229) of monotheism. What is going to our new God seem like, what comes subsequent? I feel the brand new God will “step into the person”, by that I imply grow to be humanity. The sphere replaces the cross, and this might check with the complete humankind dwelling in psychic concord, inter-connected. Speech was our first interconnection with others; psychological speech is perhaps our subsequent.
***   ***

Elizabeth Warren as President? Groan. Right here’s a Democrat who referred to as herself “Native American” when she utilized to college to be admitted to regulation faculty, and when she utilized to the Bar Affiliation to follow regulation. Final week, she declared at a press convention that she had by no means used her native heritage to realize any benefit or reward. U-huh. Hassle is, Warren isn’t even one % native American. She’s as white and European as Trump. Dems appear to confuse variety with the fitting to make use of cultural theft.

Democrats have been utilizing — and abusing — minorities for many years to spice up themselves. Clinton threw multitudes of blacks in jail (for lesser crimes than he dedicated), but referred to as for the black vote — and received it. Dems have attracted the black vote for many years by providing welfare, a part of a course of that retains them ON welfare.

Now the white Democratic Governor of Virginia and his white Lawyer Common have admitted “enjoying” black man and KKK. Keep in mind, the Dems have been the slave house owners, even fought a conflict to protect their proper to retains Blacks on the plantation — till Abe kicked their butts.

Come on, Dems, drop the holier-than-thou politics. You’ve been singed within the fires of prejudice, exploitation and hypocrisy, and your coronary heart has turned to carbon. (Although I’ve to confess, when the Dems have been in energy with Obama, the Republican hordes have been simply as nasty and aggressive.)

This “new” depth of rancour and refusal to compromise or deal, is a symptom of the “civil struggle” I wrote about 2 or so years in the past. It’s not a serious army struggle as Abe fought, however a deep cut up and anger within the inhabitants and their elected reps. People appear to have misplaced the power to see the opposite aspect. This “civil warfare” will softly disappear round 2025.

These Dem initiatives do appear to go within the stream of the longer term, however why are they accompanied by hatred and vanity and absence of compassion and repeated makes an attempt to chop off penises — Trump’s, Kavanaugh’s, et al. That’s a damaging strategy. You possibly can’t construct on destruction. You possibly can, although, destroy, then try and construct on the ashes. (This occurs very ceaselessly over the ages.)
***   ***

I feel, although I’ve no proof, that lots of my readers see me as a Trump-loving conservative. Right here’s what I consider:

The world shouldn’t have borders, nor competing citizenries. Local weather change is value a critical non-partisan examination, then motion if indicated. I hope we haven’t blown it — however I  assume the probabilities that we have now are lower than 1 in one million. The earth, and humanity, have a splendid future. As we develop into extra crowded we develop into extra refined in our manners and relationships.

This sophistication may be seen as a weakening. In any case it was and is accompanied by a rising, prolonged, and it seems long-enduring development towards mercy. A stance during which understanding is extra beneficial than revenge; and prevention extra believed than punishment. I’m not talking of American politics right here, however of the world for hundreds of years to return. (And final century, when these beliefs of mercy and social welfare have been established so strongly we’ll by no means flip again.)

I consider love is the shining foundation on which the world’s new golden age (since 1950) is predicated. Two issues occurred: many males, and many ladies, noticed the demise of World Wars One and Two, and their bellies have been crammed with anger and shock, and to disregard these, they targeted powerfully on the fabric world and its values. They turned – this era that got here to maturity within the 1940’s and 50’s – formidable and profitable, wealthy and heathen. Besides, that they had seen the demise. They didn’t need any extra dying, they usually didn’t need to be liable for another person’s dying, and mercy was born.

Tie this to the World Struggle’s militarization of entire populations, which prompted a familiarity with and acceptance of ranks and information — of being, contentedly, a small cog in an enormous machine — and also you get a social welfare system. On the similar time (throughout WW 2, I feel) we had begun paying taxes for the warfare. And so when the conflict ended, we had sufficient cash for hospitals, sponsored housing, social staff and “welfare” (meals stamps, lease receipts, month-to-month checks).

This sophistication will result in much less and fewer violence and elevated co-operation: ultimately we’ll reside in inter-connected villages, world-wide.