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Why Olive Oil Fails As A Topical Acne Treatment

Topical olive oil can cause acne.

Topical olive oil can cause acne.Olive oil is the one cooking oil that each dietary sect whether or not paleo, vegan, fruitarian, or the federal government meals pyramid agrees is extraordinarily wholesome, and its powers can add to your acne-clearing efforts as nicely.

For one factor, olive oil incorporates excessive quantities of vitamin E, the joint biggest nutrient for stopping blocked pores. Secondly, the fats in olive oil is 70% oleic acid, a monounsaturated fats which lowers persistent irritation.

Lastly, there’s what it isn’t: additional virgin olive oil is free from chemical solvents, rancid fat, and mutated trans-fats because of humanity’s 3000-year-old historical past and expertise of cold-pressing it. Olive oil additionally accommodates solely 15.5% polyunsaturated fats in comparison with 66%, 58% and 55% in sunflower oil, soybean oil and corn oil. Polyunsaturated fat oxidise with impunity when eaten, draining your physique of antioxidants you should forestall pimples.

For these causes, additional virgin olive oil ties with additional virgin coconut oil because the primary cooking oil you can roast potatoes or drizzle salad with.

However right here’s one thing else it is best to know: olive oil is a extremely overrated topical remedy for pimples. Additional virgin olive oil is fantastically wholesome to eat, however once you put it in your pores and skin, the story modifications utterly.

It began with the Mediterranean fad food regimen, which has been reported on in newspapers for years now. Many experimental pimples sufferers have theorised that the dietary goodness may translate fantastically to the face and develop into a miracle.

However in actuality, additional virgin olive oil stands alongside coconut oil and cocoa butter as a promising topical remedy which will get derailed by a number of innate flaws. The entire attraction lies within the promoting. Olive oil corporations state that Italians, Spaniards, and Greeks use olive oil for every part; they rub it into their arms and ft, into their face as a moisturiser, they add it to shampoo to get glossy hair.

When you’ve ever travelled to these nations you’ll discover that their pores and skin tone is incredible. Now, pimples sufferers all over the place try to imitate this.

Nevertheless, whereas some meals include compounds which do work simply as nicely when utilized topically, reminiscent of antioxidant-rich vegatables and fruits, olive oil transforms into a totally totally different substance when utilized externally.


Energy one – might fade away previous pimples scars

Topical olive oil can cause acne.There’s no denying that olive oil has some respectable powers, and some of the promising in research is a capability to speed up wound therapeutic.

Firstly we’ve a research which started by commenting that olive oil is used for treating wounds in Iran. 24 male 16-month previous mice have been gathered, divided into management and experimental teams, and had all their fur shaved off. Small incisions have been made of their pores and skin, and whereas the management group acquired nothing however distilled water, the experimental group had their wounds injected with oleuropein. Oleuropein is a phenolic antioxidant which is answerable for lots of olive oil’s coronary heart well being advantages. This remedy routine lasted for 7 days.

Distilled water completed little or no, however oleuropein led to a big improve in collagen deposition within the wound and a complicated tempo of re-epithelisation. Collagen is the primary protein concerned in wound therapeutic, and importantly for us, growing your physique’s collagen manufacturing can permit previous pimples scars to heal quicker as nicely, as a result of they heal identical to a regular wound.

The scientists commented within the conclusion that “these outcomes recommend that oleuropein accelerates pores and skin wound therapeutic in aged male Balb/c mice”. A second research carried out by the identical group as soon as once more noticed improved collagen deposition and quicker re-epithelisation, and this time, elevated blood circulate to mice’s wounds as nicely.

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Oleuropein is taken into account to be the signature compound of olive oil, so we’ve got at the very least one piece of constructive proof, however we don’t know whether or not the outcomes will apply to people. Until you’re a 16-month-old male mouse, these outcomes will not be sufficient for me to advocate topical olive oil. What’s extra, oleuropein is one compound amongst a whole lot. The outcomes could possibly be scuppered if a substance like oleic acid seems to sluggish wound therapeutic. The research would imply extra if we had knowledge displaying that olive oil itself will increase collagen deposition and re-epithelisation, however we don’t.

Contemplate cocoa butter, for instance. For those who extracted the pure ceramide compounds and examined them on pimples scars and wound therapeutic, you may conclude that cocoa butter is a tremendous remedy for pimples. However cocoa butter additionally scores a four/5 on the American Journal of Dermatology’s comedogenic scale, giving it a “excessive” probability it’ll clog your pores.


Energy two – nice vitamin E content material

That’s one very weak constructive in olive oil’s favour then, and now we come to vitamin E, which is definitely additional virgin olive oil’s most promising function. Additional virgin olive incorporates 10% of RDA for vitamin E per tablespoon. It blows most different topical remedies whether or not uncooked honey, coconut oil, or witch hazel out of the water.

Vitamin E is required to stop the oxidation of squalene, a fatty acid which types 11% of sebum. Oxidised squalene turns into squalene peroxide, one of the crucial infamous pore-blocking substances in nature.

Ordinarily, your physique equips all manufactured squalene with vitamin E defences to stop this from occurring. Nevertheless, making use of vitamin E instantly will mitigate a number of the injury for those who don’t eat sufficient vitamin E in your weight loss plan. What’s extra, olive oil is wealthy in oleic acid, a recognized pores and skin penetration enhancer. Oleic acid (omega 9) is added to pharmaceutical skincare formulations exactly to enhance the power to skincare chemical compounds to penetrate the pores and skin. The identical will occur with vitamin E.

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Sounds good? It’s certainly an amazing bonus function, and if olive oil was free from its damaging qualities it will be sufficient for me to advocate it. My different really helpful topical remedies similar to uncooked honey, witch hazel, rose water, tea tree oil, just about all of them, include little or no vitamin E in any respect, so olive oil can be distinctive. Replace 21/6/2017: WRONG! Grapeseed oil is wealthy in vitamin E and has no uncomfortable side effects. See right here. 


Energy three – potential pure sunscreen

Topical olive oil worsens acne.Lastly, we now have some respectable research on irritation and resistance to UVB radiation.

Becoming a member of oleuropein as probably the greatest researched compounds in olive oil is oleocanthal. This research concluded that three.four tablespoons of olive oil contained sufficient oleocanthal to match the anti-inflammatory properties of 10% ibuprofen. This research once more concluded that oleocanthal has comparable anti-inflammatory properties to ibuprofen when eaten.

Secondly, olive oil’s fats content material is 70% oleic acid, and this research on 1556 males discovered that when consumed, oleic acid led to a drop in c-reactive protein, probably the most generally used inflammatory biomarker.

This research in the meantime, analysed the olive oil compounds erythrodiol and beta-sitosterol, this time when utilized topically to a swollen mouse ear. Erythrodiol and beta-sitosterol lowered the inflammatory swelling by 61.four% and 82.1%. Oleuropein was additionally examined, and lowered inflammatory swelling by 30%.

Subsequent we transfer on to UVB radiation safety. It’s a sensible concept for all pimples sufferers to strengthen your pores and skin towards daylight as a result of whereas publicity can injury your pores and skin in excessive quantities, you additionally want average publicity to generate vitamin D, nitric oxide, and mood-boosting endorphins. This research examined the impact of additional virgin olive oil on hairless mice when uncovered to UBV radiation. Olive oil considerably lowered the speed of UVB-induced tumour formation when utilized after publicity, and when utilized earlier than publicity, the formation of latest tumours slowed down. Olive oil was additionally in comparison with camellia oil, which had no impact when utilized utilizing an similar protocol.

This research was much less constructive; this time additional virgin olive oil was utilized to 32 human volunteers alongside glycerine and petrolatum. The aim was to analyse the modifications in minimal erythritol dose (MED), which is the bottom focus of UVB radiation required to be able to mutate and injury human pores and skin cells. The upper your MED, the extra resistant your pimples is to irritation from daylight. Neither olive oil nor glycerine have been discovered to extend the MED after 5 days of normal publicity, whereas petrolatum did.

Lastly, this research was carried out almost identically to the primary on UVB rays and it once more noticed a lower in tumour formation when olive oil was utilized after UVB ray publicity. Nevertheless, this time was no discount when olive oil was utilized previous to publicity. Scientists additionally noticed in a discount in a free radical referred to as Eight-OHdG, which is generated by daylight upon contact with human pores and skin cells (in excessive quantities in weak pores and skin, and low quantities in stronger pores and skin). They concluded that “every day topical use of tremendous virgin olive oil after solar bathing might delay and scale back UV-induced pores and skin most cancers improvement in human pores and skin”.

The conclusion from these research? Olive oil seems to include anti-inflammatory compounds, however once more, the methodology is flawed: two of the constructive UVB ray research have been carried out on mice. The one research that was carried out on people produced adverse outcomes

We can’t affirm whether or not oleocanthal and oleic acid produce anti-inflammatory results when utilized topically fairly than eaten. The research analysing beta-sitosterol and different compounds was promising, nevertheless it was carried out on mice pores and skin once more.

General, there’s promise in these outcomes, however nothing to make me endorse topical olive oil.


The deadly flaw of olive oil

If olive oil had all of the powers we’ve mentioned to date it might be a reasonably respectable topical remedy. The wound therapeutic and pure sunscreen powers are respectable, whereas the massive vitamin E content material makes it wonderful for stopping blocked pores.

So why don’t I like to recommend it for any pimples affected person? One easy purpose: injury to the human pores and skin barrier, most probably resulting from oleic acid.

In the event you’ve learn the article on olive oil as a meals, then you definitely’ll know that oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid which is answerable for most of the coronary heart well being advantages reminiscent of decreasing LDL levels of cholesterol. Most significantly, oleic acid can not directly clear pimples by decreasing continual irritation ranges, notably the chemical interleukin-6 (research).

However when oleic acid is utilized to the face, the story utterly modifications and it turns into detrimental. As I discussed earlier, oleic acid is a helpful pores and skin penetration enhancer, however this energy is because of its disruptive impact on pores and skin barrier perform. Particularly, each olive oil and oleic acid have been proven to extend trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), which in scientific phrases is the amount of water that passes via the outer dermis into the environment.

The upper your TEWL, the dryer your pores and skin turns into, and based on this research, excessive charges of TEWL have a robust reference to pimples. The scientists in contrast 36 sufferers with delicate to average pimples and analysed their pores and skin barrier perform, and reached the conclusion that “the sufferers with AV exhibited markedly larger sebum secretion and larger TEWL”. The rise in TEWL was of larger magnitude in extreme pimples sufferers in comparison with average ones. The mechanism is unclear however the research said that a rise within the pore-clogging pores and skin protein keratin could possibly be behind it. 

Why does this matter? Firstly, olive oil was proven to wreck the pores and skin barrier:

  • This research sought to analyse a number of well-liked moisturising oils and uncover whether or not they have been actually efficient. Sunflower seed oil improved pores and skin hydration and barrier integrity, however topical software of olive oil led to a big discount in pores and skin barrier integrity after four weeks. The scientists commented: “in distinction to sunflower seed oil, topical remedy with olive oil considerably damages the pores and skin barrier, and subsequently has the potential to advertise the event of, and exacerbate present, atopic dermatitis”. Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory pores and skin situation with similarities to pimples. General, they concluded that topical olive oil ought to be discouraged, whereas topical sunflower seed oil was protected.
  • Rats have been handled to have their TEWL ranges elevated; sunflower seed oil reversed this improve however olive oil had no profit (research).
  • This research on 115 wholesome infants needed to look at the widespread practise of moms including pure oil to their child’s pores and skin in an effort to moisturise them. Scientists feared that the practise may do extra hurt than good, so the infants have been assigned to olive oil, sunflower oil or no oil, twice day by day for four weeks. Whereas each oils led to improved pores and skin hydration, they have been additionally discovered to delay the event of pores and skin barrier features which forestall water loss and defend towards allergy and an infection. Therefore, the scientists didn’t advocate olive oil as a moisturiser.

Then the research under apparently recognized the compound accountable, oleic acid, which types the overwhelming majority (70%) of olive oil’s complete fat:

  • This 2014 research utilized oleic acid, glyceryl trioleate and a mix of OA and GT to human pores and skin and concluded that pure OA had probably the most damaging impact on TEWL and pores and skin barrier perform.
  • This research analysed the impact of oleic, linoleic, alpha-linolenic and arachidonic acid on the human pores and skin barrier. Oleic acid led to the most important deterioration in TEWL.
  • On this research scientists have been testing how precisely oleic acid manages to extend TEWL ranges so strongly.
  • This research started with the citation “Oleic acid (OA) is well-known to have an effect on the perform of the pores and skin barrier”. Scientists additionally revealed that oleic acid broken the perform of ceramides, waxy fats molecules which shield the pores and skin.
  • This research discovered that oleic acid together with propene glycol considerably elevated trans-epidermal water loss after simply 1 hour of software. 

Plainly the very fats which makes olive oil such a dietary powerhouse when eaten is the precise reverse if you put it in your pores and skin.


Olive oil could also be a pore-clogging nightmare

Topical olive oil will cause acne.Olive oil has a number of different flaws as properly. Firstly, olive oil is a fats, and any fat-based remedy has an automated danger of clogging your skin-pores.

Olive oil itself doesn’t have a very excessive danger of clogging pores and skin pores; it scores 2 on the American Journal of Dermatology’s comedogenic scores which vary from zero to five. Against this coconut oil and cocoa butter each rating four out of 5, which is why I like to recommend towards them. Safer it might be, however 2 nonetheless stands for a “reasonably low” danger, and lots of tales on the web speak of olive oil working like allure for five days, just for pimples to burst out of nowhere in utterly new places on the face. That seems like new pores have been being clogged and giving p.acnes micro organism a brand new spot to multiply in. Grapeseed oil and jojoba oil additionally get a 2 however by some means appear to be safer.

Olive oil’s primary powers are usually not terrific for pimples; they pale subsequent to the anti-inflammatory powerhouse of aloe vera or the bacteria-eliminating machine of royal jelly. So operating the danger of blocked pores is doubly pointless despite the fact that the danger is decrease than for some oils.

Additionally, whereas we’re right here, perceive this key distinction: important oils like tea tree oil and rose water are NOT oils. They include little or no fats based mostly compounds, they’re merely distillations of what’s often the plant’s leaves or petals right into a liquid. They carry no danger of clogging pores and skin pores in comparison with fats based mostly oils reminiscent of olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, that are termed as service oils.

Lastly, there’s the issue of different types of sensitivities; this research noticed that a masseur rubbing olive oil right into a buyer ended up with eczema on his arms. The scientists additionally noticed that olive oil led to sensitization, which might be due to sluggish injury to the pores and skin barrier. They concluded that the exterior use of olive oil must be discouraged.



Olive oil is a wonderful oil for roasting potatoes or enhancing the flavour of acne-friendly greens, nevertheless it fails as a topical remedy. It’d scale back irritation from UVB radiation in daylight and assist previous pimples scars to heal, however the impact is just too weak to counteract the potential clogged pores and injury to the pores and skin barrier.

The one occasion during which olive oil is perhaps helpful is in case you are starved of vitamin E. Should you analyse your food plan and conclude that you must eat extra vitamin E, and begin altering your weight-reduction plan accordingly, then topical olive oil might work as an additional quick software to get your face to soak up vitamin E and luxuriate in its protecting results. However that might solely work briefly.

Within the long-run, dietary vitamin E will probably be sufficient. For those who needed to make use of olive oil as a moisturiser however at the moment are disenchanted, then grapeseed oil or jojoba oil are far superior options.

Judging by the testimonials and science I’ve analysed, I might not advise utilizing olive oil for greater than three days in a row.

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